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The Swansea Park Board and the Swansea Patriots will bring back a tradition from the 1980’s, with a Halloween party in Melvin Price Memorial Park. The “Swansea Spooktacular” is scheduled for Sat, Oct 24th from 4:00pm until 7:00pm. There is a possibility the event could be cancelled due to COVID-19 but at this point that decision cannot be made. If not already, follow Swansea Facebook pages (Community and Economic Development, Swansea Fire Department, and Swansea Police Department) for updates on the event. If the event can take place social distancing and masks for those in attendance will be required. Among other things, it will feature a pumpkin contest (bring your own decorated pumpkin), games, refreshments and available for purchase. Residents, businesses and organizations can also participate through “Trunk-or-Treat” -where they will park their automobiles around the perimeter of the roadway through the park with trunks or hatchbacks open and give out candy. Children will trick or treat by visiting each vehicle and showing off their costumes.If you participate you might want to decorate your vehicle or trunk in some Halloween theme – being cognizant that this is a family friendly event and that any decorations should be appropriate for all ages of children. The enjoyment and safety of those children is very important. So to help ensure that, the event sponsors are requiring that all who intend to provide treats through this Trunk or Treat component complete and submit a participation form. While not wanting to seem overly cautious, the sponsors know that other similar events use this tool to inhibit possible participation by anyone who might be of concern to a parent or the Police Department.The form will be available early October on the Village’s website at www.swanseail.org. Please print it, complete it, and then submit it to the Swansea Government Center, at 1444 Boul Avenue, Swansea, IL 62226, or email to swanadmn@swanseail.org.Forms should be received no later than Noon on Wednesday Oct 21st to allow time for processing. Again, this step is intended to help ensure the safety of all children at the event.