For over forty years, The Violence Prevention Center of Southwestern Illinois has been a leader in providing safety, shelter, support, and guidance to survivors of domestic violence.  During this time we have witnessed both the triumphs and heartaches surrounding the pervasive and complex issues that affect 1 in 4 women and 1 in 7 men.

We know that no two situations are ever alike, but it is through our common understanding and compassion that we can offer a safe haven for those suffering from domestic violence.

We empower over 1,600 individuals each year to recover from the trauma of domestic abuse and find their way to a life free of violence.  Our programs offer the promise of safety and anonymity and we pledge to protect and support all those seeking refuge from abuse the highest quality services.

We are trusted partners with local law enforcement, legal agencies, and other community resources, which allows us to continue the fight for the rights of those dealing with domestic violence and create a society where everyone can have relationships in a safe and healthy manner.

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Categories: Personal Services & CareViolence Prevention

Violence Prevention Center of Southwestern Illinois

PO Box 831
Belleville, IL 62222 

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